The Amble Maisha



 JDale, Prophetic Seer & Healer

JDale, Prophetic Seer & Healer




       The Amble Maisha is a brand used to promote spiritual revelation, self improvement and holistic healing. The Amble Maisha provides services facilitated by JDale. These services focus on revealing truths, healing traumas, releasing anxiety, bringing clarity to life's problems and more.  Every service provided is catered to the specific needs of each participant.

        JDale is a prophetic seer & healer. With her gift, she is able to inform her participants of their past, present and future circumstances. JDale does not use tarot cards or any other physical tools to conduct her services. JDale relies solely on her connection with Spirit to deliver messages and healing.  The mission of JDale's work is to assist her participants reveal what needs to be acknowledged; in order to heal what needs to be renewed.