Soul Scoop: Mercury Retrograde

Now wait just a minute! Everyone is tripping about Mercury Retrograde. Talking about some: 

“Be careful what you say.” 

“Be careful who you talk to.” 

“Don’t start any new projects.” 

First of all, you should ALWAYS be careful, better yet mindful, of how you communicate and what you communicate. The year of 2019, the year we were all waiting for, the year we all said that this would be our year, has already, in UNDER 3 MONTHS, brought us all some challenges and quick changes! January felt like a year within its self, February was one big blur and now here we are first week of March, we felt like things are just starting to turn around and BAM, we get Mercury going Retrograde until the 28th of March! Well guess what......WE GONE BE ALRIGHT! (Kendrick Lamar voice).

Please do not be fooled by those trying to scare you into communication and preparation regression. Mercury Retrograde does not want you to isolate yourself from others or second guess your feelings about ANYTHING! Mercury is the planet of communication and with the majority of its retrograde happening during Pisces season, this energy will reveal to you what it means to communicate your interests to yourself (self reflection) and to others (collective-community engagement). Do you mean what you say? Is what you are speaking out about important to you? Are you speaking from a place of truth? Is that place of truth  directly connected to your emotionally sound stability? It better be.

Visualize this: You are holding a bucket of water in your hands (representing Pisces-Water Sign) and all of your life you have been trying to pour this water into a cup. The goal is to pour all of the water into the cup without making a mess and spilling it all over the place. You’ve attempted so many times and up until this point (Mercury Retrograde) you have almost got it right. Of course when you were younger you may have poured too much, spilling the water everywhere because you lost control of the bucket, you weren’t ready to pour it all on your own. You may have needed help from your mom or dad to clean up the mess and help you pour it in the cup for you. Then as you got older and could do it better, each time with less and less help, you felt good about yourself, until finally you were able to hold the bucket and pour it on your own-attempting to MASTER the skill of flawlessly pouring the bucket of water into the cup. Now let’s imagine that the process of you doing this was recorded, so you were able to rewind and see why you haven’t quite been able to make the water from the bucket-into the cup. That is the message of this Mercury Retrograde, you are able to rewind. You are able to look back at the video and say “Oh, I see what I did there.” “I understand why I took that approach.” “I remember why I thought that would work.” and now within this time, the ideas-the intention-the focus-will come together and you will be able to pour the water from the bucket (Pisces) into the cup (process of communication) with no problem. 

The bucket of water represents us and all of our emotions. Our ability to successfully pour out the water represents our emotional intelligence and how we react or respond because of how we feel. Whether triggered by someone else or triggered by ourselves. We control the bucket (our vessel). We control its pour (our emotional response). We hold the key. We are the masters of our emotions. 

You see, how we communicate and what we communicate dictates who and what we are going to be. Communication creates manifestations. We have all experienced times in our lives when what we communicated came from a place of self loathing, disbelief, lack of love, anger and powerful emotions that we had not yet learned to harness and transmute. The energy that we put into our words, projected themselves right into our reality and made it so. And with everything we have experienced up until now, we all definitely innerstand how important it is to speak from a place of emotional balance and self love. Pisces energy is big dreamer, closet romantic and emotionally reactive. What do you dream about? How do you express your love? Do you allow others to express their love for you?

To experience a Mercury Retrograde during Pisces season, is to be pushed by the currents of the ocean into new open uncharted waters. To embark upon a new journey that we have organically grown into desiring. This desire of course has always been there, rooted in our souls purpose. But as we ride this wave of Mercury in Retrograde-into the energetic NEW YEAR of SPRING, MARCH 20TH (Spring Equinox) we are being told to GROW UP. Mother Nature, the cosmos, the universe, Spirit, is telling us it is time for us to swim. We can no longer wait it out in shallow waters. Our lives, our dreams, our goals, our love, our interests, our passions lie deeper than that. We are an endless sea. Limitless and ever flowing. This Mercury in retrograde wants us to think about how we let other peoples actions impact us? How do we want to respond better? How do we want to communicate better? To ourselves and those around us? Are we going to throw a temper tantrum if the water splashes us and we get too wet? Or are we going to brace ourselves with the trust and love we need to withstand anything that comes our way and all the while allowing ourselves to roll with the waves in order to take us where we need to go.


Mercury Retrograde is not a scary time. Don’t let the fear of the unknown knock you into a downward spiral. This retrograde is preparing us. We have been in a season of preparation for awhile now. Spring is near and we are moving into a new energetic cycle. New things are coming in quickly. How we deal with them is important. How we communicate through them is important. During this Mercury Retrograde, don’t lash out and don’t cut yourself off either. If you find the urge to do so, ask yourself why. Do I enjoy this behavior? Do I accept this behavior? What do I react this way? Write down your response. Reflect on it and ask Spirit for clarity and a renewal of energy and comprehension. Renewal=Water=Pisces Energy.

You are the boss of your life! You determine how things are ran. But the boss must act like one! Pose-strength-leadership-commitment-ALL through feeling every emotion any human can experience. This isn’t about becoming SuperMan this is about becoming your best. The person that you have been working to become. How we communicate our emotions: disappointment-disrespect-sadness-anger etc. during this time of retrograde will be an indicator of how these next few months for us will be. Are we ready to handle things with tact and precision? Are we ready to handles these BIG AMAZINGLY LIFE ALTERING changes with emotional stability? Or do we still need some time in the kiddy pool? 

Now if you do, that’s ok but use this time to address the issues you are still having with communication. Childhood trauma, sexual abuse, parental relationships, feeling like no one even wants to hear what you have to say (self esteem)-could all be deep rooted causes of that. Pisces in her bottomless flowing waters, wants you to dive deep and address that. This is the time to start engaging in your healing around communicate.

Mercury will retrograde until March 28th, ending its back spin in the sign of Aries and going direct. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. The planet of war. When this Mercury Retrograde period is coming to a close, we will feel ready for war indeed! We will feel confident to take on any challenge, any emotionally triggering incident with grace, tenacity and unf*c%withableness. You will not be thrown off by the push of the waves. You will be so in sync to your emotional center-your compass- that you will see & sense any turbulence coming your way. You will know how to respond. You won’t even need to discuss your response with others or contemplate it within yourself. It will come naturally to you. It will be your new normal. This will be how you communicate now. How you respond, it will be freeing and you will feel good. People say you can react or you can respond. Which will you choose? 

The general of your army. Ready for war. Cool as a cucumber. Unmoved by the crashing of the waves and flowing with the tides that are bringing you home-Mercury Retrograde in Pisces ending in Aries, is GEARING YOU UP FOR GO TIME!

Soul purpose.