What is it: 

The Witches New Moon refers to when the moon is in its Waxing Crescent phase. The Waxing Crescent-Witches New Moon-is the first time the moon is visible in the sky following the New Moon. So there is the New Moon aka the Dark Moon and after a couple of days, the amount of days varies, usually no more than 3, the Waxing Crescent aka Witches New Moon appears in the sky. You may hear the New Moon be refereed to as the Dark Moon by many other spiritual beliefs because the moon is “dark” and can not be seen. 

What does it symbolize & How to use its influence to tap into your power:

The Witches New Moon symbolizes activation in the nation! 

Ok so, the New Moon/Dark Moon is the time that intentions, goals and plans are traditionally/cyclically set, to be called in. This is the time to hyper focus on your intentions, purely feel the connection of those intentions in your heart-center and harness the energy of the New Moon/Dark Moon to work with your power to SET THESE INTENTIONS FOR REAL! You can do this by writing them down, praying, chanting, any still-internal-activity from within that connects you to your quiet soul. Think within. Think meditative energy, within your mind spirit body and soul. What do you want? Set the intention. 

Then, following the New Moon/Dark Moon is the Witches New Moon/Waxing Crescent. During this phase, this is the time to put action and movement-physically and spiritually, into bringing in the intentions you have set. During these two or these days between the New/Dark Moon to the Witches New Moon/Waxing Crescent, it is wise to revisit & honor your intentions you set-each day. Meditating on what you prayed for during the New/Dark Moon. Since the Witches New Moon/Waxing Crescent is the phase of the moon that starts to bring in the full moon again, working with the power of the Witches New Moon/Waxing Crescent to manifest the intentions you’ve set during the new/Dark moon-will help you stay connected and ACCOUNTABLE for what you have put forth and what you wish to see to come to fruition. 

I have found that, some may start ritual during the New/Dark Moon and also on the full moon but do not follow their intentions or manifestations throughout the Moon’s 28 day lunar cycle. The power of the moon can be be harnessed and transmuted every single day. Not just during the new or full moon. When the moon is in its Waxing Crescent phase, gather the materials you need whether tangible or intangible and STIR UP THE ENERGY around the intentions you have set! ACTIVATE THEM! This is the perfect time to do candle magick, sacred dancing, drumming, any musical activity or body movement, that activates your spirit to connect with the intentions you have set. It is also wise during the New Moon and Waxing Crescent Moon (new cycle/new phase) to create a new ritual/daily routine for your life or aspect of your life- to work your magick consistently-KEEP THE ENERGY GOING-in order to see your dreams and intentions manifested. On and around the full moon is a good time to track your progress. What has come into your life that you called out for? Do you see the manifestations of any of your intentions? What do you still need to work on to clear out or renew to bring in the things you desire?

Ultimately Spirit will lead you to what is best for you. Like I tell my participants, what goes on  between you and Spirit ain’t my business! Unless Spirit makes it my business 

Magick Tip:

During the New Moon set your intentions as you would. Then after you’ve done so, create a mantra under the power of the Witches New Moon-that feels right, that feels good, that is Spirit given and Spirit driven-you feel connected to it-you will say this each day leading up to the full moon. Give yourself the days in between the Dark Moon (New Moon) & Waxing Crescent (Witches New Moon) for a mantra to be revealed to you, if one doesn’t come to you right after your intentions are set on the New Moon. All things take divine time, especially the movement of energy. 

New Moon: stillness, connect to the soul and mind, & set intentions

Witches New Moon: transmute & activate intentions by movement of the spirit and body

Listen to Spirit and you will be guided!

The Witches New Moon is in the sign of Aries! The baby of the zodiac, a fire sign, ruling planet Mars and a Cardinal sign. 

Whatever intentions you set under the New Moon, and if you didn’t, no worries, you still can, be sure you are ready to take it to the NEXT LEVEL because the Witches New Moon in Aries is calling us straight into battle!  IT’S TIME FOR WAR BABY!

Really the question is what do you want? Spirit woke me up the past two days at 3:30am and asked me that question. You don’t need to rush the answer but you need to have one. Spirit told me to really think about it. To go deep. To think beyond. 

And now I am asking you to do that too! 


It’s time to fight tooth and nail, to bring our NEW intentions in, for our NEW life!