All services will incorporate every aspect of your life including: emotional, mental, financial, physical, love, relationships & career


In need of clarity? This service is focused on revealing what needs to be acknowledged; in order to heal what needs to be renewed. During this service, you will be informed of specific information connected to your past, present and future to aid in your healing. Messages delivered to you will align with your mind, body, soul and spirit. The messages received will include the instruction necessary to assist you in moving forward along your journey of healing.


A customized blessing will be created with your specific needs in mind. This service is perfect for weddings, baby christenings, business ventures, new homes, personal improvement, etc.


Clear negative energy and cleanse your space. Whether your relationship, personal temple, home or office, this service removes unwanted and malevolent energies while providing a sense of renewal within your life.


Currently experiencing emotional stress, physical tension or spiritual distress? This service is perfect for those who need assistance in releasing these issues from the physical component of their temple. During this service, a sacred blend of anointed oil will be applied to your temple to assist with stress relief. Spiritual counsel will also be provided to you; in order to clarify what is causing these barriers and how you can restore energetic balance into your body, mind, soul and spirit.


If you are looking to restructure your life or establish balance in your current situation, then this service is perfect for assisting you in achieving holistic synergy. During this service, we will:

  • Assess your holistic health, such as your mental-emotional-career-physical-financial & spiritual life components

  • Discuss the best approaches, resources and supports for obtaining your goals

  • Create a plan for your continued success

  • Customize a ritual to maintain your holistic lifestyle

Special Requests

  • Banishing, Binding & Expelling of Spirits/Energies

  • Demonic Possession

  • Location Specific Spiritual Activity Assessment. Example: Home, Office, etc.

  • Dream interpretations

  • Contact for special requests not mentioned above