“It was a moving experience overall”

Jey has an incredible spiritual gift – I felt, literally, her ability to read truths from my body when I began shaking. It was a moving experience overall, and her equal parts warmth and sass endeared me to her immediately. Given the opportunity, I would work with her again.


I have much to thank the high priestess

I’ve been having negative doubts, draining of positivity of my own doing. The high priestess came as a guide and a positive channel for me in understanding and connected with myself and my soul. I have much to thank the high priestess in what it took for her to read me and be somewhat exposed to my negativity but because of her and her powers I can say that I’ve let go of many things that were holding be back in the past. I will be absolutely be using her services and positive spirituality in the future.

— George

“So helpful!”

My reading was so helpful and eye opening. She made me feel so comfortable. I will be back!


“Everything is in alignment”

JDale has such a welcoming and loving spirit. From the moment our session began, I felt like an immediate connection, like we were old friends just catching up with one another. Every message that she provided, aligned with every question that I had. I now know to not wait so long to schedule a reading with her lol and to reach out when I feel called to do so! Love and Light! 

— Bree


Thank you, You are amazing.


“Called my sister by name!”

Amazing job! Called my sister by name, I was completely shocked! Loved my reading. Thank you so much!


“Rock on!”

She was spot on with my personality. She was very professional. If I am ever in KC I would love to have another reading. Rock on!


“My favorite psychic”

This is probably my favorite psychic. She's very detailed, straight to the point, and doesn't ask you questions like other psychics do just to give you BS answers. She knew my situation without asking me anything. Whatever comes to her mind is expressed. She's blessed with a special gift. I will be only using her as my psychic. She's also friendly, open, and makes you feel at ease. You won't regret your choice in using her services.

— Tigest

“Straight to the point”

Jey has a kind and calm energy, and an intuitive knowingness. She was honest and direct in her reading which was exactly what I wanted. She ultimately brought me great clarity. I agree with the previous review from Tigest W. that Jey is straight to the point and doesn't ask a lot of questions because, in my experience, she possesses that intuitive knowingness. While she didn't need to ask questions, she allowed space for me to ask questions as needed. I am booking a session with her again!

— Amy

“Good time”

Had a good time. Reminded me of my Auntie Missy seriously :)


“Really enjoyed”

This is my first time experiencing something of this nature. I really enjoyed hearing and feeling what you had to say. Getting out of my comfort zone and relaxing is definitely something I need to work with myself on. Thank you.


“The High Priestess is a regal spirit.”

The High Priestess is a regal spirit to be in the presence of. She’s very attentive to Spirit, even down to candle placement, spoke of my fears- verbatim, was very clear & direct on explaining the messages from Spirit, & above all that very accurate & Aligned w/ my current dealings & future. Because of her clarity & confidence, I am ready to proceed forward trusting Myself!

— Areiona

“Absolutely anointed!”

Absolutely amazing! She's very thorough and was spot on about everything. I wouldn't go to anyone else. This girl is absolutely anointed!


“A legitimate reader!”

I’ve never had a reading done and I was a bit skeptical. I am currently studying psychology. so I try to figure out psychological explanations for things like this. I don’t know how to explain this other than she is a legitimate reader. I did not give her any information about myself and she was able to specifically describe the messy web of relationships in my life, even down to the first name of my best friend. I would definitely recommend her!


“I highly recommend”

My experience with this lovely young lady was amazing.  She is very calm and gentle, yet humorous which helped to lighten the atmosphere (I suffer from anxiety). The information she presented regarding the past and future was very precise. I highly recommend others to use the services she offers.


Everything strikes a cord and resonated with me deeply

I had such a wonderful experience in my sessions with Jey. She has a natural flow to her vibe. We click instantly. I love how she delivers the message in the most real way, Straight no chaser! Her humor is heartwarming, delightful and refreshing. Everything strikes a cord and resonated with me deeply. There is no doubt that she is anointed and is surely blessed.  I am so grateful that our paths have crossed!


“Confirmation from Spirit!”

Thank you again for both of our sessions yesterday. Just a day later- TODAY, some “new information”came from a “person in the distance watching me & believing in me”! Before I even had a chance to hesitate, I remembered our Energy clearing, with you literally pressing my body forward to a new direction! Thank you for the alignment & confirmation from Spirit!”


“Lovely soul advice”

Wonderful insight, lovely soul advice. Recommend.


“Very calming and insightful”

First time working with Jey. She works as a spiritual guide. She is very calming and insightful. She takes her time with the sessions and allows you to ask questions and tune into your energy.

— Navreet

“Right on”

JDale was right on. Very informative. Highly recommend.


“Knew exactly what was going on”

I have never had a reading before but you knew exactly what was going on and what I needed to hear. Thank you for your insight.


“Definitely recommend”

Very precise and intuitive. Would definitely recommend and consult with her again.

— Navreet

“Really eye opening!”

JDale was great. She honed in right away on a huge transition I’m about to make. It was really eye opening.


“There’s a lesson in every reading!”

There’s a lesson in every reading! There hasn’t been a reading that didn’t have information that was not applicable to every sector in my life. Healing involves more than just a prescription but a honest conversation about what’s to happen in the now in order to heal, and that’s what JDale does. I love her to pieces and she truly is healing the world, one step at a time. ️

— Bree

“On point description”

I really was very impressed with clarity I received and the on point description of my husband. The most important information that I received was that I finally understood the supernatural experience. Thank you.


“Absolutely wonderful!”

Absolutely wonderful! Brought me to tears- but in a good way. It was such an accurate and spot on reading. I was shocked by the truth and realness of it. It wasn’t what I expected or necessarily wanted to hear . . . but it was definitely what I needed to hear, and I will be taking the advice and words to heart. I needed this outside perspective to solidify some suspicions I was already having about my situation. Thank you so much!


“Easy to talk to”

JDale thank you so much for your reading today! I was nervous to do something like this for the first time but you were so easy to talk to. You also told me what I needed to hear.

Kimmy V.


Very thorough spiritual therapist .

— Brittany


Beautiful lady-Beautiful reading. So on the mark.

— Barb

“An amazing reading”

I had an amazing reading with you! There were things on my mind that I didn’t even know were at the front of my thoughts. Would love to come back and talk with you again.

— Candace


Reading was great.

— Lynn

“Enjoyed speaking with you!”

JDale is very straight forward, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you. She’s definitely worth your time.


“The best way”

I needed this more than I knew. Thank you for calling me out in the best way. 10/10. Absolutely will be back.

— Kylie

“Absolutely chilling experience!”

An absolutely chilling experience that felt right, through to the roots of my soul. What a splendid gift you have, and to use it in such a wholesome and welcoming way was fantastic. Thank you so much for everything.


“She cleared all the bad energy”

Wow!!! Where do I begin. My first "love reading" session with Jey was a feeling I will never forget... She talked me through my battles in my personal relationship. She help me identify the issues and helped me clear all the bad energy. I've gained knowledge and learned so much about myself and about my partner. The session was extremely beneficial! Thank you Jey!! 

— Makda

“The best yet”

Absolutely amazing- Loved it. The best yet. Thank you!


“Spot on”

Nailed it! Spot on from the get go. Thank you!

— Aaron

“Thank you for everything”

I am so pleased that you mentioned Tracy. Thank you for everything that you offered especially to my daughter. It lightened my heart.


“A clearer understanding of my journey”

I had a lot on my mind as to what my unusual experiences the supernatural meant before my session. Most of them were things I didn't feel comfortable sharing with just anyone due to their complex and mysterious nature, but my session with JDale was the first time I was able to open up to someone else who I thought could help me make sense of those experiences. The session we had brought me a clearer understanding of my journey, and now I look forward to what the future holds for me. I definitely recommend her.


“Spiritually connected”

I look forward to seeing Jey again . Very intuitive and spiritually connected . Calm and peaceful way of talking and being.

— Elizabeth

“The highlight of our trip”

An absolute gem. I had a spiritual healing session with (Deanna), we took a trip from LA to SD with the highlight of our trip being the energy cleansing with Jey. She immediately sensed that I needed balancing with my heart chakra which I knew I’ve been experiencing conflict with. She was hands on and incorporated nature into our session which had a lasting effect on me!

— Ashley

“Immediately speak to your spirit”

Her services will immediately speak to your spirit as soon as you sit in the chair. She told me things about me only I could know, and also revealed things that I saw in dreams-further confirming my purpose. I finally found a psychic that I’ll be visiting/talking to faithfully. Love her!


“Intuitive and enlightening”

Very intuitive and enlightening. Would likely do this again. Also Jey has a very wonderful and calming atmosphere.

— Nm

“What I needed to hear”

Thank you, I heard what I needed to hear and feel better about past relationships and current ones.


“What I needed”

Just what I needed! Thank You!

— Brittany

“Most real insight”

The most real insight I’ve had in my lifetime. And knowledge of the unseen.

— Julia

“Very accurate”

Absolutely amazing! Completely on point and very accurate.

— Allison

“Good time”

Had a good time. Reminded me of my Auntie Missy seriously :)


“Felt so connected”

Absolutely amazing and helpful. Felt so connected.

— Brittney

“Amazing insightful experience”

We had an amazing insightful experience. My wife and I have been helped so much with those insights. It really helps us realize our importance to each other and our future together.



JDale was awesome! I got some questions that I have been asking myself for a long time answered. She validated some things that I really needed validated. She has a warm, strong energy. 10/10.


“Sincere and spot on”

JDale was amazing in our reading. Warm and sincere and spot on! I loved her energy and would highly recommend her. :)


“Sweet discerning soul”

Where do I begin? I walked into this with no expectations, just an open heart and spirit to see what the universe had in store for me and... Surprise! This sweet discerning soul read me like a book! Only a eager hello and the rest she intuitively pulled from me as in syphoning my deepest most intimate thoughts, fears and purpose. A life changing experience; energy cleansed, chakras balanced!  

— Deanna

“Enjoyed it”

Very informative and very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed it.

— Rayne

“Great energy”

I could feel a great energy from her moving through me during the reading. She really helped me sort through personal dilemmas. I would definitely recommend Jey Dale to anyone looking for guidance.

— Bijau

“Told me the honest truth”

You helped me open up and you told me the honest truth!! Love it!!

— ReAnna

“Strongly recommend”

 My experience with JDale was a great one. JDale was able to read things about me that no one could’ve assumed. Her skills and knowledge are remarkable. I strongly recommend her skills. 

— Dee

The reading was awesome!”

Jey is wonderful! The reading was awesome! I left feeling so much better!

— Kim


Amazing! Spot on!

— Michelle

“Eye opening”

Very eye opening and I really enjoyed myself.

— Sarah